The Modern Detox

Eat better, move smarter and enjoy life more in 21 days | taught by Jessi Andricks

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Detox used to mean fasting, starving and restrictions on your foods and your lifestyle. But not anymore.Your old detox has gone Modern.

What is a “Modern Detox“?

In a Modern Detox, you eat real food, get essential nutrients, and have fun, while continuing to live your life. It’s a detox that fuels you up rather than depletes you. It leaves you feeling energized and healthy, instead of worn out and tired. There are no restrictions, no set plans, and no “rules” to follow. You get flexible recipes and plans that easily fit into your lifestyle, while cleaning it up a bit.

It's about living fully, while getting healthier than ever. That is The Modern Detox.

– Are you ready to ditch the diets and restrictions?

– Are you ready for a detox fills you up, not empties you out?

– Do you want to feel better not depleted?

– Do you want more from your detox program?

– Would you like to find freedom with your food, fitness, and wellness?

If you are looking for more in your life, more in your wellness, and more in your daily energy levels, this 21 Day Modern Detox is just what you’ve been craving.

A few years ago, I decided to try my first detox program. I felt fantastic afterwards, but during the program, there were times when I felt restricted and hungry. After several diet changes and lifestyle tweaks (including writing a detox book and signing up for health coaching certification), I realized that there is no one diet or detox that works for us all, especially not if it makes you feel like less when you are going through it. While the first cleanse I did was supportive and uplifting, I knew there was a huge gap in the detox field, and that detoxing didn’t have to mean living depleted, starving, or stressed out about the “rules”. This is why I decided to start living and practicing a new kind of “detox diet” – The Modern Detox.

After starting, I feel better than ever, am more in tune with my body, and have found balance in my hunger, weight, and energy levels again.

The Modern Approach to Detoxing

A Modern Detox is anything but your standard detox or diet program. Most detox programs are designed to leave you feeling refreshed and lighter after a set amount of time, and while this may sounds fantastic, you usually end up feeling depleted, under nourished, and worn out along the way. They are maintained for a short amount of time, because anything longer than 10 days or 3 weeks just wouldn’t be feasible for your body.

21 Day Modern DetoxLive your Life, Only

With the 21 Day Modern Detox, you’ll get the same refreshed and lighter feeling, without feeling depleted or hungry along the way. Each day you will eat the foods you decide to consume, whether its vegetarian, meat and dairy, or even a glass of wine of cup of coffee. You’ll use the Modern Detox flexible meal plans to map out the foods you enjoy, while staying full and satisfied, without any bit of guilt. In a Modern Detox, you get to live your life, eat real foods, and forget about restrictions, limitations, and depletion.

Along with your meal plans, you’ll also be given daily workouts and movement practices that are designed to give you energy, rather than use it all up. You’ll feel more awake and less stressed, so you can tackle the demands of your day. As with your meals and snacks, you can tailor these to meet your needs and preferences, so you do the moves you like, rather than dreading your workout.

You’ll seal it all in each day with a few daily tips, challenges, and self-care (aka stress-relieving) habits that will leave you refreshed, energized, and ready for the next day.

You’ll Get to:

– Design meal plans that fit your needs

– Create and cook healthy foods that are simple and taste fantastic

– Bring your body back into balance in your weight, energy, hunger, and activity levels

– Look at health with fresh eyes, so you can tune into your bodies needs

– Enjoy getting and being healthy, so it can last a lifetime

With the 21 Day Modern Detox, you get to live your life, only better.

I’ve put together the exact tools, recipes, and daily practices that worked in my life and my body, while giving you the flexibility to make them your own. The Modern Detox is about living a healthy life, without giving up the modern conveniences that make your life fuller. You’ll get guaranteed results, as long as you do the work, and you’ll still get to live your life – only better.

If you…

– are tired of diets

– are bored with detoxes

– no longer want to feel depleted

– are ready for more from your health and wellness goals

– want to love your diet, not feel guilty from it

…then it’s time for the Modern Detox approach

This is the real deal stuff. This approach isn’t meant to give you 21 days of health and then leave you high and dry. You’ll get to stay flexible 21 Day modern detox cropthroughout the program, doing what works for you, which means that after the 21 days is over, you’ll continue to get healthy and keep using these tools, tips, and recipes throughout your life, any time you need them.

Are you ready to…

– Create meal plans that work for you

– Eat food that makes you feel great

– Move your body the way you want to

– Set realistic goals to keep you on the healthy path

– Make changes that keep you healthy for life

– Find freedom in your health for the long haul

– Live a healthier, more supportive lifestyle

Here’s what’s included:

– 21 days of flexible recipes (including meat and vegetarian recipes)

– Daily email support and guidance

– Coaching sessions straight to your inbox

– Weekly shopping lists

– Daily workouts for any level

– Healthy tips to take it even further

– So much more!

Your Life Only BetterThe Modern Detox is the latest and best way to get healthy, by making your detox fit your lifestyle and your needs. This is your chance to make some small but lasting changes in your daily routine, your lifestyle habits, and your overall health and wellness, using modern and holistic approaches within your detox program. The old days of starving, restricting, and guilt-tripping are over. The days of Modern Detoxing are in and ready for you to take hold of them.

Imagine How Good It Will Feel…

– No more diet rules
– No more restrictive detoxes
– No more feeling hungry and depleted
– Feeling full, satisfied, and still losing weight
– Moving your body and actually enjoying it
– Taking charge of your health and loving every moment of it

WilshireMeet Your Health Coach:

Jessi Andricks is an emerging leader in the field of healthy, happy living. She doesn’t just love this stuff, she lives and breathes it. She knows from years of experience that true health and happiness comes from a balance of all things, not just the number on the scale or the amount of food you eat. She encourages her clients to throw away the rules and restrictions to bring more balance into their lives, creating lasting health and happiness and greater peace of mind. To her, it’s not about dieting or crazy workouts, but about dropping the guilt and stress, and allowing yourself to finally get healthy.

Through her extensive training, she blends together all forms of health and wellness to create innovative programs, such as her signature program 21 Day Modern Detox and her book, Detox 101. With her programs, you’ll never feel deprived. You’ll feel radiant, satisfied and balanced, all while living life fully.

Ready to try it out? Here are a few more things to consider:

Free Bonus #1 The Body Type Quiz

No two people are built the same way. This means certain exercises, food, and stress can make one person drop weight and another gain. The Body Type Quiz will help you figure out how food, workouts, and stress affect your body specifically, so you can tailor the program to your bodies needs. This bonus guide is the unofficial start of your program and the thing that will help you make the rest of the information, recipes, and guides work for you throughout the 21 days and beyond.

Free Bonus #2 Coaching Audio

A set of extra coaching recordings and audio workouts you can supplement your program with whenever you choose. The workouts can be used on the go with your phone and your earbuds, whether you are at the park, in your kitchen, or traveling. The coaching audio will help you dive even deeper before, during, and after the program, so the benefits you gain can stick for the long haul.

Free Bonus #3 Checklists

While having guides and daily email reminders will help you to stick to eating healthy and moving your body throughout the length of the program, taking charge on your own terms can help you even more. Meal Plans and Workout Checklists that you can fill in yourself each week will help you shop smarter, stress less, and prepare for those days after the program ends. You’ll get to plug in your favorite meals and workouts each week, so your program is customized to your needs and preferences.

*All bonuses are included within the program layout or in the "extras" section

The Proposal (1)
Live and in person, a program like this would cost much more:
In person yoga+barre classes: $30 each
Coaching Journals and Guides: $75
Coaching calls/recordings: $150 each
Total: $525

You can join for only $97

Total Cost. Total Win.

The best part – you get access to the workouts even after the program, so you can keep using them. And the guides- they are yours to keep and keep using. I can't wait to work with you!

Refund Policy

Because I know you are absolutely going to love this program and receive HUGE benefits from it, when you do the work involved, it comes with a guarantee. During the first 7 days, if you have completed all the tips and challenges, followed the recipe plan, and used the workout guides, and feel like you aren’t seeing the changes you’d like, you can return the program for 100% refund, as long as you can show me you have done the work involved. I want you to enjoy this program and get the most of out it, without the worry.

Jessi Andricks
Jessi Andricks