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4 weeks of workouts, recipes, and health coaching | taught by Jessi Andricks

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02.29.16 (1)Does this sound like you?

You want to join a gym or start a new diet program, but you aren’t sure where to begin. You see all the classes schedules, the weights, the machines, and the personal training programs and quickly go from excited to overwhelmed. You start looking into a new diet program and find that Paleo (or was it plant-based, no wait it’s gluten-free, or was it Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, oh, or maybe drinking shakes every day) is the new “it” diet program. You can’t figure out the good from the bad, even when you try to narrow it down to one, and end up more confused than ever. Your solution: insert pizza into your mouth immediately and call it a day. You can get healthy another time.
It’s not that you lack willpower or motivation, it’s just that you have no idea where to begin or how much to do.

You want to feel better in your body, but the abundance of choices stops you before you even start.
You are tired of feeling lethargic and, well, tired.
You are over the endless options without any guidance that come with most gym memberships.
You are sick of the countless diets, cleanses, and “must-not-eat-this-food” diets that make eating healthy anything but fun.
You are through with spending endless hours at the gym, torturing yourself through just 10 more minutes, 1 more mile, or just another set.
And you are so done with uptight diet plans that don’t allow you to have that delicious pizza…ever

The thing that does keep you coming back each and every time though? The idea that one day, you might find a workout and meal plan that actually works for you. The dream that one day, you’ll feel good in your body and happy with your healthy choices.
I don’t want you to struggle with this anymore. I believe that you can take simple action plan and create huge results from it. When you have a plan and you have guidance along the way, big shifts can happen in your life, without creating the overwhelm or desire to quit that comes with too many choices and no help. I believe that you are meant to feel good in and about your body.
I am a firm believer that fitness should be enjoyable – not a punishment, that food should be healthy and delicious, and that a little grace and ease go along way in getting you healthy in your body for life.

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Healthy Body 4 Life (1)
There are no rules that say:
  • Your workout can’t be the highlight of your day. They most certainly can be if you are doing the right kind.
  • Good food should taste like cardboard. Um, no. Good food should taste like good food.
  • You should feel ashamed about your body. Or instead, you should feel absolutely in love and free in your body. Doesn’t that sound like more fun anyway?
  • Only intense workouts are worth doing. Big myth here. In fact, gentler or more focused workouts usually create bigger, lasting results.
  • Calories are the only thing that matters when eating healthy. There are a few who try to make this a rule, but food is way more simple than that.
  • Exercise should be painful and not enjoyable. Exercise should be fun and energizing. Why else keep doing it?
  • Healthy eating should be just as hard. Or instead, it could be simple, delicious, and something you enjoy.

When you work with me, the only “rule” is that you enjoy what you are doing, even when it gets tough, and you feel inspired to stick with it. Simple as that.
I have helped hundreds of women find fun in their workouts again, coming aback day after day and week after week to laugh through the shaky legs, smile when it feels challenging, and feel inspired by how their body supports them each and every time.
These women have seen their back aches go away, the legs shake a little less, and their energy levels soar. They have found a way to enjoy what they do, while challenging their bodies to keep getting more out of it. They have more body awareness, more energy, and more excitement that trickles out into all other areas of their lives. Oh, and they enjoy treating their bodies so well that they often automatically eat healthier, better foods (and feel less guilty when they indulge).

The House of Healthy (1)Want to be one of these fabulous ladies?
I’m here to show you how to get a Healthy Body 4 Life, without overwhelm, boredom or punishment.
I’ll give you fun, energizing workouts that also help you focus and clear your head (aka ditch some stress while you get your heart pumping). I’ll share with you simple, delicious snacks and meals that anyone can make.
We’ll forget about fads and gimmicky diet foods, as well as overpriced gyms and classes. We’ll ditch the scales, ditch the push and strain, and make being healthy more enjoyable again.
Because life should be something you enjoy in a body you enjoy, not something you struggle to make it through.
And I promise to help support you and lead the way, so you don’t feel lost and overwhelmed along the way.
I will help you get a Healthy Body 4 Life using…
  • Weekly workouts as well as a plan for when to use them
  • Full meal plan, so you have snacks and meals to get you through the day
  • Daily tips and encouragement to help you stick with it, even on the days when it feels tough or you’ve had a “setback”.
  • Checklists and calendars to help you stick with your plan
  • Unlimited email support throughout your program
Here’s what you’ll walk away with (besides a tighter, lifted rear):
  • 4 20-60 minutes workouts that any level can do and get results from
  • 4 Daily recipes and plans – enough for all your weekdays and nights
  • 4 weekly checklists to keep you focused
  • Journal pages to get your thoughts out or write down what you really think about those workouts (don’t worry, I won’t be able to see them)
  • Bonus: Ideal Life Guide so you can keep up the progress even after the program is over
  • Daily support and encouragement from me to you
  • Unlimited email access to ask questions, cheer yourself on, or just chat about how it is going

Healthy Body 4 Life Investment
4 weeks of workouts X 4 weekly meal plans X 4 Checklists X Unlimited Support
Launches February 29th
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Here’s the honesty policy – I want you to be successful with this, because I know it can change your body for life.

This program is for you if…
  • You are ready to ditch the scales, classes, gyms, and excuses
  • You want to workout at home, on your own schedule
  • You want to make healthy meals that are simple and delicious
  • You want to eat food that tastes good
  • You need a little stress-break during your day
  • You want to create a healthy body 4 life, not just for looks
But it’s not for you if…
  • You don’t want to put any effort in
  • You give up the moment it gets challenging
  • You are looking to sign up, but not looking to complete the program
  • You just want to have a smaller waist. Feeling better and eating better are not important to you.
  • You don’t want to do the work
  • You have a million and 1 reasons why it does work, just not for your body
  • You are not ready to get healthy or feel good in your body
02.29.16A program like this would normally cost:
  • 4 weeks/1 month of class: $150
  • Meal plans and Checklists: $50/week
  • Coaching support: $80/week
  • Total: $670
  • Your investment is only $87
Brand New Bonuses!
In addition to everything you already receive with the program, you'll now get a few bonuses to help you keep you results going and see your improvements along the way:
Tracking Sheets

These tracking sheets will help you track more than just how any workouts you've done and which recipes you've used. The tracking sheets will help you see exactly what progress you've made in the areas that are important to you (energy levels, moods, time management, tiredness, etc).

Journal Pages

The journal pages are designed to help you navigate the changes that you've made and work through some of the rough patches that come along with any change to your routine or lifestyle. These often bring a little more clarity, as well give you a space to clear your head of any frustrations or celebrate all the little triumphs along the way.

Private Session with Me

Want to see exactly how much progress was made and how to keep it going after the 4 weeks? After you complete the program, you'll get a private session with me (via phone or Skype), where I'll break down your progress from the tracking sheets and checklists, and show you how valuable the work that you did really is,a s well as give you some guidance in how to continue your transformation to a Healthy Body 4 Life.

A single session with me is normally priced at over $100, which you'll get for free. Add in the journals and tracking sheets, and you've more than doubled the value of your tuition, as well as guaranteed yourself some amazing results.

Ready to make it happen?
Healthy 4 Life starts February 29th, 2016
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Jessi Andricks
Jessi Andricks

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Starts February 29th
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